To serve as the property management and owning entity of the Delta Tau Housing Corporation property at 143 NW 10th Street, Corvallis, OR.




To maintain the property at 143 N. 10th Street Corvallis, OR with the highest state of maintenance and repair possible through rent income and donations received by the undergraduates and alumni




  • To fix rents, assessments, and fees.


  • To manage, operate, and exercise oversight of all properties and facilities under the ownership of the Corporation.


  • To enforce policies affecting any property to the extent the federal, state, county, or city statute, law, code, or ordnance require compliance by the Corporation and refer to proper law enforcement agencies unlawful activities, code violations, and involvement in activities of a harmful nature to National Security.


  • To advise and support an educational relationship with the Delta Tau Alumni Chapter (the “Alumni Chapter”), Delta Tau Chapter of Sigma Nu (the “Chapter”), and Sigma Nu Fraternity Educational Foundation (the “National Fraternity”), not‐for‐profit fraternal organizations chartered in accordance with The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Bylaws, Policies, Procedures, and Manuals of Sigma Nu Fraternity, the Corporation’s scholarship program, and all other educational programs offered by Sigma Nu Fraternity, Lexington, Virginia.